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Healthcare Reform … to Repeal or Not to Repeal?

Is anyone else as confused regarding healthcare reform as I am? The White House info on healthcare reform provides a compelling argument regarding the importance of these changes. Republicans are characterizing it as “job killing.” In a casual conversation with a benefits consultant, the consultant expressed concern. In this article , the columnist says that the new healthcare exchanges could make a very positive impact that could result in better care and lower employer costs. What are your thoughts and advice regarding this very controversial issue?

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  • Here’s a great NYT article predicting the eventual Supreme Court outcome ( that our director of research, Ray Sizemore, forwarded to me this morning. Thanks Chip!

  • Jason

    Each side has valid points, IMO. Are the changes implemented by this administration’s attempt at healthcare reform as badu00a0as the Republicans claim it is – both in terms of jobs and the economy? Probably not. Are there some points in this plan that need to be discussed and carefully reviewed? Most definitely.