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A Proactive Approach to Communicating HR Project Needs to IT

by Jill Thompson

The bond between HR and technology has not always been a strong one. After all, HR is people-oriented, and technical lingo might seem like gibberish to those of us who engage with human beings more often than our computer screens. So how can you successfully communicate your project needs to IT when you’re having trouble hurdling the language barrier?

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How Can HR Help Support Today’s Higher Ed IT Workforce?

by Missy Kline

iStock_000018170510SmallAccording to a recent EDUCAUSE study, IT staff and organizations are being asked to adjust to increased IT consumerization, more options for managing and sourcing technologies and staff, a broader interest in IT’s transformative potential, and decreased resources. As a result of these changing expectations, institutions are looking to hire IT staff with business skills equal to their technical skills. And this necessitates a shift in the way IT staff are recruited, hired and retained.

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