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Trending Topics From the Knowledge Center – April 2015

by Gayle Kiser

higher-education-hr-newsEach month, Knowledge Center content manager Patti Couger seeks out news briefs and timely resources to share on the Knowledge Center home page. Here are the topics highlighted this month: NLRB on Adjuncts and Graduate Assistants, ACA Cadillac Tax, Stay Interviews and Social Media Policies.

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Metrics 101


metrics-300How is HR perceived in your organization? Are you a valued business partner included in strategic decisions and institutional initiatives? Or are you seen as just another cost center, a necessary evil, a transaction-focused “fire-putter-outer”? Unfortunately, many stakeholders in many organizations still hold onto that outdated, unfair, unrealistic perception of human resources. So how can we get past these perceptions and prove our value to our leaders, our constituents, our customers and our organizations? With metrics, that’s how!

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4 Tips for Identifying and Assessing Behavioral Risk on Campus

by Missy Kline

wordleIn the aftermath of acts of violence on several campuses across the nation, many higher ed institutions have reevaluated their risk assessment and violence prevention strategies. Many have created “active shooter” protocols, instituted emergency alert systems designed to get the word out quickly to the campus community in the event of an incident of violence and implemented procedures designed to assess and manage behavioral risk in the hopes of identifying high-risk individuals and taking action before tragedy strikes.

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