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higher-education-hr-newsHere are news highlights from this week’s KC Connection:

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3 Powerful Examples of Storytelling in Diversity Work

by Missy Kline

what's your storyRemember the last time you heard a really good story? How intently you listened, how easy it was to get lost in the words, how completely connected you felt to the storyteller?

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect ideas and people. It can help us see and understand varying perspectives; it can enable us to open our minds and think about things in new and different ways; and it allows us to connect with a concept or topic on a more personal level.

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Microaggressions Can Have a Toxic Effect in the Workplace


Lately there’s a buzz in social media about “microaggressions” that occur on college and university campuses.  (See, for example, the “I, Too, Am Harvard” photo campaign on Tumblr that evolved into full-fledged theatre performance.)

Although the term has existed for years in the academic realm, the concept that brief and commonplace verbal or behavioral indignities can have a significant impact on how we perform individually and interact with one another has taken root broadly, including in workplace environments.

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