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A “Campaign for Common Sense” to Facilitate Process Improvement

by Missy Kline

Higher education institutions (and their people) aren’t necessarily known for their ability to adapt quickly and/or easily to change. But when the change could potentially make everyone’s jobs (and work lives!) easier, people are more apt to get on board.

Using John Kotter’s 8-step change model, the University of Arizona’s HR organization has been successful in leading a grassroots approach to organizational change.

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Employment Law: How Can HR Help Avoid Litigation?

by Gayle Kiser

ira-shepardFor higher education, like many other sectors, 2013 was another year for contentious employment and labor law litigation. HR professionals should be especially alert and vigilant regarding any disputes related to:

  • ADA
  • First Amendment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Religious accommodation
  • Retaliation
  • FMLA
  • FLSA

These areas continue to be the most likely targets of plaintiff employment lawyers in prosecuting employment and labor cases.

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Going Global: The Secret to Crossing Cultural Divides

by Gayle Kiser

20ad21eOn a campus outside the U.S., a professor has started his lecture. Running late, an American student slips quietly through the door and into a seat at the back of the classroom to avoid disrupting the class. The professor is offended.  Why? Because in his culture, a tardy student shows respect by standing at the door and waiting to be invited in by the professor. Although their actions reflect their unique cultural perspectives, the underlying principle for both the professor and the student is the same: to demonstrate the proper respect for authority.

Focusing on the principle rather than the action is at the heart of bridging cultural differences, according to Dr. Taira Koybaeva, who spoke in October at CUPA-HR's International Symposium. So how do you know which principles are at work?

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higher-education-hr-newsHere are news highlights from this week’s KC Connection:

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