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Is HR Fun?

by Patti Couger

funWhen we discuss our jobs with our HR colleagues we often cite the challenges and frustrations of having to be the HR Police: struggling to implement a morass of legislative mandates, trying to get supervisors and employees to follow policies, mediating workplace disagreements … and on it goes.

When was the last time you told a colleague how much fun your job is?

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Violence at Community Colleges: A Unique Challenge

by Patti Couger

Security-Guard2Recent acts of violence at community colleges in Virginia, Texas, Wyoming and Kentucky point up unique challenges faced by that higher education community.

For instance, community colleges typically have numerous small branch campuses with only a few classrooms, as opposed to four-year colleges that typically have brick and mortar investments in more substantial branch campuses. Community colleges may rely upon security at a facility being rented, such as a shopping mall.

That circumstance also often dictates rules and procedures different from those on a main campus.

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