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Want the Best Conference Experience? Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks!

by Wes Harmon

airplane-laptopYou know, sometimes when you are innocently engaged in in-flight activities — such as making small talk and apologizing for accidentally hitting the passenger next to you with your laptop halfway through a 4.5 hour flight — somebody says something or does something that really gets you thinking.

Fortunately for me (probably unfortunately for those around me), it was my own [unspoken] words and action that got me thinking.

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Attributes of a Great HR Department

by Patti Couger

HR-DepartmentA recent article in TLNT listed the following five attributes of a great HR department:

  1. People get paid on time
  2. Civil and human rights are protected
  3. Accountability is enforced.
  4. There’s something in it for everyone. HR departments remind management that employees are not robots and need more than food, water and a paycheck.
  5. Fairness has a seat at the table.

Having pondered that list for some time I want to tweak it.

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