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Void Between Academic and Administration Sectors

by Patti Couger

bridgingthegapA recent post on CUPA-HR’s LinkedIn page mentioned the void between the academic and the administrative sectors of most institutions.

That led me to question why this is so. Is it due to a failure of one side or the other to recognize the benefits of collaboration? Is it because neither side speaks the same language or has the same set of goals?

Perhaps it is simply because neither side has taken the initiative to reach out and establish what can be a mutually beneficial relationship.

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It’s Up to Me

by Andy Brantley

its-up-to-meA 20-something is just three years out of grad school when he decides to leave his position in the private sector to start a new job as employment manager for a mid-sized university. He works hard and makes what he thinks are significant contributions and improvements to his job and the HR department in which he works.

He spends time developing collaborative working relationships with employees and managers across campus. The HR director, the associate director and others across campus frequently praise his work.

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