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Emergency Plans

by Patti Couger

floorplan2The past few months have seen all manner of natural disasters throughout the country: hurricanes; tornadoes; floods; fires; and now flu season is just around the corner. Campus violence is regrettably an ongoing concern.

If you haven’t already done so, this is a good time to review, or  prepare, your institution’s emergency plan.

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“Keepers of the Culture”

by Gayle Kiser

That’s what Freeman Hrabowski of UMBC called CUPA-HR’s audience of more than 1,000 HR professionals. Keepers of institutional values and priorities. Keepers of relationships and the way we interact with one another. The voice of emotional intelligence.

What an awesome responsibility!

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Reasonable Accommodation, Political Discrimination and Protected Class – Oh My!

by Missy Kline

Does the ADA require as a reasonable accommodation the automatic transfer of an employee who becomes disabled and is no longer able to perform the essential elements of his/her job to a vacant, equivalent or lesser job for which he/she is qualified if one exists?

Is a law school dean individually liable under the Civil Rights Act of 1871 for political discrimination in accepting the recommendation of two faculty committees to not hire an existing part-time lecturer for a position for which she was qualified, where the applicant was a vocal Republican and only one of the 50 law school professors was a registered Republican?

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International Symposium Receives Positive Reviews

by Kyle Cavanaugh

CUPA-HR held its first pre-conference International Symposium on Saturday. With the assistance of Fidelity Investment Services, approximately 50 participants engaged in a day long workshop that focused on sharing experiences and took a deeper dive into the complexities of human resource work from a global perspective.

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Shall We Overcome or Undercome?

by Julie Boggs

“We shall undercome …” That’s how one session attendee put it during the preconference workshop, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Follow a CUPA-HR Roadmap for Your Efforts, at the CUPA-HR Annual Conference and Expo 2012.

The conversation surrounded the challenge of getting buy-in from institutional leadership to make progress on campus in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. Simply put, you don’t need leadership to make a difference — to effect change. Change can come (slowly but surely) from the bottom up if it has to. Like a termite, one attendee suggested, eat away at the base until leadership “crumbles.”

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The Meaning of Transformation at the 2012 Annual Conference and Beyond

by Wes Harmon

Merriam Webster Dictionary online provides a pretty standard definition for the word transformation: an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed. Most of us would have probably conjured up a similar definition if asked by a colleague or peer for a layman’s understanding.

What I find more interesting is one of Merriam Webster's alternative definitions: genetic modification of a bacterium by incorporation of free DNA from another bacterial cell. Now, some might say this is a far stretch from the world of higher education human resources—what does evolution of bacteria have to do with us--we humble practitioners. From my time spent in the "HR Transformation: What Can It Mean on Your Campus" workshop this morning, I think the latter definition is ever pertinent to the theme of this year's CUPA-HR Annual Conference "Revolutionary Action: Engage. Lead. Transform."

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The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

by Rob Shomaker

We all get book recommendations on a frequent basis. My Amazon wishlist is full of suggestions from peers, colleagues, articles I've read, sessions I've sat in and so on. The stack of books by my bedside is the result of this and often I don't get through them as fast as I'd like.

One book that has been on my wishlist is The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon which came as a suggestion from a fellow CUPA-HR team member. On Wednesday she walked into my office, book in hand and simply stated, "read this on the plane, it'll be quick, you'll like it." Simple enough, so I moved it to the head of the book stack, didn't bother to pack the other book I had been halfway reading and left town. Quick it was and I've been thinking about it since.

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Courage as a Job Qualification

by Richard Coladarci

“There will be at least half a dozen times in your career that doing the right thing will put your job in jeopardy.” This was told to me by someone whose many accomplishments cement his credibility. I was floored.

Probably because of my astonishment, I didn’t probe where that number came from. Was it the number of times in his career that he faced such a situation? Was it based in observation? Or, did he take a guess knowing that I work in HR? He did, however, speak with confidence, and with the undertone that it was never easy.

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