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Wellness: Carrots….and sticks?

by Rob Shomaker

It would seem a lot of employers have wellness programs in place these days. Wellness programs have shown useful to reduce health care premiums, and keep employees happier and healthier on the job. In some cases employers have shown where it has reduced the amount of sick time taken.

I've also heard rough numbers about employers receiving anywhere from $4 to $6 in savings for every $1 they put towards wellness. When you're talking about that kind of savings, even the toughest critics raise an eyebrow. There are, of course, various perks to get employees to participate from simple cash payouts to gift cards to drawing for trips and all kinds of fancy stuff - the proverbial carrots if you will.

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The Communications Imperative for HR

by Patti Couger

What relative value do you place on communications in your HR operation? I suggest that it is critically important.

When I became the CHRO for the Texas A&M University System, the first organizational change I made was to create a Communications division, the director of which was one of my direct reports. In my view, it was imperative that she and her staff remain informed of all that was going on in our institutions and agencies as well as what employees at all levels were dealing with. That allowed HR to remain aware of when, what and where information needed to be communicated.

We knew our audiences well and were proactive in addressing their needs. They had our respect and our commitment to foster a culture of valuing them, their work and our sense of family, despite our System’s size.

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Social Media: The New Recruiting Tool?

by Rob Shomaker

I found it a bit odd recently when a “social recruiter” began following me on Twitter. Seems we’ve all heard the cautions from various legal councils regarding Googling job candidates, looking at what they’ve posted out there on the interwebs and basically becoming our own super sleuth.

What seems to be happening though is different — a new way to use these same tools to identify potential candidates before they’ve even applied or the job has even been posted.

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