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HR Certifications: Do They Make a Difference?

by Patti Couger

A recent article in TLNT posed a question that has been debated in HR circles for many years. That is, do professional HR certifications really help job seekers.

According to the article, there is no clear consensus among HR professionals. Some suggest that certifications may help you in early career to provide that leverage for serious consideration. Others believe that accomplishments and work experience in the profession trump, especially for those seeking leadership positions.

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HR Transformation – Leveraging Technology

by Ken Tagawa

As we all know, there have been significant productivity gains by companies through the use of technology – with industries such as automobiles and packaged consumer products coming to mind.  By using systems/technology to automate processes, industrial machines (such as robots) do routine work 24/7 with quality built into the automated process based on specifications. 

These machines don’t make errors (six sigma standard), aren’t subject to fatigue and changes in attitude, or errors in judgment.  They handle the process in a timely and predictable manner, and do so with little waste and re-working. Other than the initial capital investment and periodic maintenance, they lower costs principally because they don’t draw a salary. Because of error elimination/reduction and the timely delivery of product, technology contains costs and allows companies/organizations to do the work to expected levels of quality and time – both of which are more important than ever, not only in business to remain competitive, but also in higher education to be institutions of choice and to continue to provide quality education in difficult fiscal times.

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Getting Back Together With Your Ex (Employee)

by Richard Coladarci

Rehiring a former employee is like getting back together with an “ex.”

Initially, it sounds like a great idea. There were some good times, and, both parties already know each other — so, no surprises. It’s certainly tempting, especially because you've got a job to fill RIGHT NOW. But like that previously severed amorous relationship, this rekindled employment arrangement is also doomed to fail.

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