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The Holidays: People or Process?

by Rob Shomaker

It’s hard to believe another year has blitzed by and here we are, already half way through December. The CUPA-HR National Office was adorned with a festive tree a few weeks ago which we began to place gifts for children in need underneath. Several of our staff have decorated their office spaces and we’ve had cookies, treats, fruit, and pastries pass through our break-room from vendors, friends and staff.

This past Friday we had our annual holiday lunch and that evening several of us gathered at West Town Mall to wrap presents to raise money for the Angel Tree. I love this time of year; the lights, decorations and traditions are all wonderful but for me it’s the focused time with people that is so precious — time to reflect, time to share, time to laugh and be together.

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What Books Have Been Influential in your Work Life? Here Are Two for Me: (A Two-in-One Blog)

by Ken Tagawa

One of the notions that has helped me over my career is from Steve Covey’s book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

However, it’s not one of those 7 habits –it’s from the appendix where he talks about the four-cell matrix to help us set priorities – by organizing what we do into the four quadrants of important/not important by urgent/not urgent.

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