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Leadership & Steve Jobs

by Rob Shomaker

Seems there are hundreds if not thousands of blogs and articles regarding Steve Jobs right now and yes, there is some irony in me writing yet another one.

However, lately leadership has been one of the topics forefront in my mind and it's hard not to look at Steve and wrestle with the nuances of his character and leadership.

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The University of Kentucky’s Concurrent Session: “One Campus, Many Cultures: Training to Develop and Promote an Inclusive Campus Community” – 2011 CUPA-HR Orlando Annual Conference

by Ken Tagawa

Ideas and Takeaways from the University of Kentucky Concurrent Session at CUPAHR's 2011 Orlando Annual Conference

We’ve all heard of Leadership Academies:  How about a Humanity Academy?

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Attorney Blasts DOL’s “Gotcha Approach” to Workplace Enforcement

by Patti Couger

Testifying before the House Subcommittee on Workforce Protections on November 3, the editor of Federal Employment Law Insider (David Fortney) opined that the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) Wage and Hour Division's (WHD) recent enforcement efforts represent a flawed approach that assumes incorrectly that employers are deliberately violating the law.

In addition to the "gotcha" approach Fortney sees the division taking, he said in written comments submitted to the panel that the division's Bridge to Justice program "effectively outsources to private attorneys one of the Wage and Hour Division's most important functions -- to investigate and respond to complaints of employees who have had the courage to come to DOL."

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A Presenter’s Tip: Three Questions to Ask in Mandatory Training Sessions

by Ken Tagawa

When employees are required to attend a training session and in a subject they may not have interest in is perhaps the biggest challenge for a presenter. 

Robert Bly, author of Persuasive Presentations for Business, writes: 

How many of you would be just thrilled to be told to go to course on Effective Technical Writing.  Not many for sure!

People often get sent to classes because someone thinks they have a problem and need to improve.  No one says it, but we all understand that we don’t get sent unless there’s a problem.

The problem is that those who get sent don’t think they have a problem and don’t think they need to be there.

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Service Is a Part of Who We Are. Can You Say The Same About You?

by Andy Brantley

November 8, 2011 was a great day in Knoxville, TN. The sky was clear and the temp was around 70 degrees. As the band U2 would proclaim … “It’s a beautiful day!”

But it was not the weather that made it beautiful. It was the CUPA-HR staff!

As part of our commitment to service to our community, the CUPA-HR national office was closed so that all staff could participate in one or more of three service activities … Habitat for Humanity, Keep Knoxville Beautiful and Second Harvest Food Bank.

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