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In Search of Our Strength(s)

by Rob Shomaker

Tom Rath, in his book Strength Finders 2.0, points out that our society has a focus, obsession perhaps, on fixing people's weaknesses.

There's certainly some truth to that. Even at a young age I'm sure we can recall a time (or in my case multiple times!) where we were tasked with focusing on an area of weakness in an effort to improve or grow in that subject, topic, or skill. This is often painful or difficult because we're disinterested, disengaged, not excited, or charged as if the act didn't bring us any energy.

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The Board’s Role in Campus Talent Management

by Andy Brantley

Most higher education boards of trustees (or insert similar title here) take very seriously their role in overseeing the leadership of the institutions they serve and championing efforts to guide and support the needs of higher education.

Most boards clearly see their roles relative to student success and campus finances … including the ever-popular building construction and renovation projects that are so visible on our campuses.

While these roles are critically important, do our boards spend enough time discussing and evaluating our employee talent management strategies?

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