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CUPA-HR Cares at our 2011 Annual Conference in Orlando

by Rob Shomaker

Just last year CUPA-HR kicked of our CUPA-HR Cares program that kicks off our annual conference.

This year we teamed up with Clean the World in Orlando for an afternoon of soap preparation! The premise of Clean the World lies in the fact that soap can prevent so many diseases around the world and soap is something we have A LOT of here in the U.S. Just in the last year alone, the soap Clean the World has recycled from various hotels and resorts has kept over 1 million pounds of waste out of landfills - AMAZING!

Several of our annual conference attendees gave up their morning and/or afternoon to go down to Clean the World and we had a great time in the process.

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Open Door Policies Also Let In Hot Air

by Richard Coladarci

I give a lot of credit to open door policies, which were liberally embraced by human resource departments, for the un-demonizing of the profession. 

Things have changed, and the needle has definitely moved towards HR being more helpful than a hindrance.  In fact, I wonder if open-door policies have worked too well.

As HR professionals we've gone from prying information from employees, to reading between the lines, to hearing legitimate employee concerns.  And then we jumped the shark.

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Diversity and Inclusion — A Call to Action

by Andy Brantley

One look at the CUPA-HR home page and you see the Inclusion Cultivates Excellence logo for our annual conference which begins in just over a week.

You also see the first link under the Association/Member News... “Read about CUPA-HR’s plans to promote institutional excellence through diversity, equity and inclusion.”

It’s also easy to click to the annual conference site, find diversity and inclusion from the drop down menu and see a list of 32 concurrent sessions that include diversity and inclusion as part of the subject matter.

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