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Union Issues Heating Up

Unions are increasingly in the news with recent NLRB rulings, adjunct unionization throughout higher education and more recent moves to restrict public employee unions in several states. Links to good articles follow. What is your take on the impact of these developments, especially on your campus. Sharing thoughts and experiences is what CUPA-HR is all about. Speak up!

Why Are They Rallying?

“War” Against Union in Chicago?

With Unions Under Threat, Academics Join Huge Rally in Wisconsin

Labor Loses Traditional Seat on U. of Minnesota Board

Fast Track Union Contract in Wisconsin

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  • Last spring (2010), we negotiated our first ever 5-year labor agreements at Macalester College (Saint Paul, Minnesota) with both of our units of the International Union of Operating Engineers. These are the only organized employees we have (total 62 employees). This was the first 5-year deal I have negotiated in my labor realtions career. In light of recent developments, I am glad that Macalester College is assured labor peace through May 31, 2015!

  • Mary Maher

    Congratulations Chuck…although I think we would all agree that having a third ‘dance’ partner is one to many. I hope the speed of change that is often required of us doesn’t throw a wrench into a 5 year long dance card. Nonetheless, I hope the sought after peace can be sustained through the high velocity winds of change I believe higher education will need to wrestle with over the same timeframe.